Behaviors That Can Lead to Denial of Applications or Claims by an Insurance Agency in North Huntingdon PA

When filling out an application for automotive insurance or making a claim, it’s crucial, to be honest. Otherwise, the insurer could deny a claim, cancel the policy, refuse to renew the policy or raise the premium. A representative with an independent Insurance Agency in North Huntingdon PA can answer any questions regarding whether certain information must be disclosed on an application or claim. An organization such as E.F. Barrett Agency Inc. is ready to assist.

Dishonesty About Traffic Citations

When filling out an application, the prospective customer will be asked whether he or she had been cited for any traffic violations within a certain number of years. Usually, this is three years. The applicant does not have to list any tickets from before that time, but trying to hide a recent violation may lead to the application being denied. It’s a good idea to ask the representative with the Insurance Agency in North Huntingdon PA whether the policy requires customers to inform the agent of citations that happen in the future.

Fibbing About Car’s Usual Location

The insurer may want to know where the car is parked when not in use. Is it parked in a garage or under a carport? Is it in a driveway? Or is it parked on the street or an apartment complex parking lot? Applicants sometimes fib a little because they realize the rates may be higher if they admit they don’t have off-street parking. If the car is damaged while it’s parked on the street overnight, the insurer will probably deny the claim if adjusters discover the car always is parked there. Since Pennsylvania is a no-fault insurance state, the driver who caused the damage is not financially responsible for repairs.

Fraudulent Activity

Some individuals have been convicted of fraud involving insurance claims. If a driver strikes and damages a parked vehicle on the street or in the parking lot, this person should never consider just driving away. If caught, this will be a hit-and-run charge. Even worse, if the person has lied and said the damage to his or her vehicle was caused by a hit-and-run driver, insurance fraud is another likely charge.

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