Beautify Your Yard With These Professional Tree Services

Your Connecticut yard’s trees can be an important factor in its overall appearance. When you have branches that are growing out of control, trees that are dying or dead and those that are fighting for space on your lot, this can distract the eye and cause safety concerns for anyone who comes onto your property. If you are facing these issues, a company that specializes in professional tree trimming in Westport CT can perform several services to beautify your yard and make it safe for your family as well.

Tree Removal

Dead trees can pose a problem when they become a home for backyard pests that nest in wood, such as termites, wasps and carpenter ants. Some trees die because of weakened roots, and when they begin to lean, they may fall without warning and cause damage to your home. A tree service in Westport CT, such as C&R Landscaping and Masonry , can remove dead or dying trees before they become a big problem.

Stump Grinding

A tree trimming service in Westport CT may also offer stump grinding. This is an important factor in maintaining a safe and attractive property, especially when it comes to planting new trees or shrubs in an area where a tree has been removed. Stumps can be difficult to remove on your own and should be left to a tree services company so they can be eliminated safely.


While a robust tree is a thing of beauty, its branches may grow too wild and when this happens, branches can start to fight for space and some may even die because they cannot get enough sun. If enough branches die, this may affect the overall health of the tree. Tree thinning can help keep your trees looking shapely and in good health.

Calling a tree trimming service in Westport CT can benefit your yard’s appearance. More importantly, however, it can help you address potential dangers that dead or untrimmed trees may present.

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