Battling Carpenter Ants in Jackson NJ

When warm weather is present, some homeowners find Carpenter Ants in Jackson NJ make their way to the interior of their house. Battling an ant problem can be difficult without assistance from a pest control company. The homeowner can also take some steps on their own to make sure the ants do not return in the future.

A pest control service would use the best method to eliminate ants from the home without causing damage to the belongings inside. They can use non-chemical means to eliminate ants so there is no injury or illness to anyone living within the home as well. The service will first do an evaluation of the home to see if there are areas where ants are getting inside. The homeowner can use caulk to fill in cracks so ants are less likely to make their way to the interior of the house. They should check around windows and doors as well.

Once the pest control service handles the ant trouble, the homeowner can take steps to keep them from returning. It is important to do a thorough cleaning in the home to help keep ants from being attracted to the area. If crumbs are present, carpenter ants will be likely to remain in the home. Wiping down all counters after preparing food and vacuuming floors frequently will help.

Ants tend to stay away from chalk or talcum powder. Drawing a line of chalk on the floor underneath doors will help keep ants from slipping underneath. Alternately, powder can be sprinkled in this area to get the same result. Putting gravel around the perimeter of the home will help keep ants from crawling upon the exterior walls. This can help decrease the number of ants that get into the home. It is also a good idea to make sure moisture is not present within the home as this is attractive to ants. Fix any leaking pipes so the wood has a chance to dry out.

If someone is having difficulty removing Carpenter Ants in Jackson NJ, they can call a professional pest control service to help remove them in their entirety. Click Here to find a reputable service.

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