Basics of The Carpet Installation Process In Tacoma, WA

In general, the installation of carpet for any home in the Tacoma, WA, area is very similar. However, with new home construction or in replacing an existing rug, there are several additional steps to consider.

When purchasing carpet and booking a company for carpet installation, choosing a quality carpet company is always the most important first step. The best carpet companies offer carpets that are designed to resist staining and wear and to remain beautiful even with frequent use.

Understanding the different options in carpeting is also a central consideration. The best quality carpet will remain soft throughout life, preventing the issue with stiff or rough carpeting that is common with cheap quality products.

Planning for Installation

For most types of carpet installation, a carpet pad is added under the carpet. This provides a softer flooring option. It also helps to prevent any moisture that may be spilled on the carpet from soaking into the subfloor and causing mold and mildew problems.

Even if the Tacoma, WA, home currently has carpeting and the installation is for replacement carpets, it is a wise choice to also change out to the carpet pad. Old carpet pads can be dusty, dirty, and have odors or mildew, which can impact the new carpet.

Always verify that carpet padding is provided at the time of the carpet installation. Professional carpet installers should remove the old carpeting and pad, and complete the replacement with the new materials. When the pad and carpet are pre-cut for the room, this can be a relatively quick job for a two-man installation team.

The installation crew should be able to move furniture as needed, and replace it once the new carpet is in place. Most companies ask that homeowners move any breakables or small items from the rooms to prevent any type of damage. This information should be provided at the time you purchase the carpet and book the installation.

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