Basics of Box Truck Insurance in Livermore

by | Mar 6, 2018 | Financial Services

Numerous businesses are dependent on box trucks for transporting bulk goods. Whether your services are hired to transport goods from a storage and distribution facility to a store or as a moving service, you’re meeting an important need for residential and business customers.

Because each company handles things differently and has varying responsibilities, policy needs can differ. Vehicles transporting snacks will not require as much coverage as a vehicle used to transport expensive furnishings. Neither of these are quite as much at risk as a truck transporting electronic parts or televisions. This is why box truck insurance in Livermore is available in varying amounts and why it’s important to know your options.

Moving Vehicles Insurance Policy Features

There are two major distinguishing features in a box truck insurance policy.

*     A policy to cover the vehicle itself. This is important to cover things, such as liability if it is involved in an automobile accident or if physical damage occurs. It’s important to keep the trucks running because if it’s not operating, it’s not making money. Keeping it on the road and in good condition is important to the success of a business.
  *     Part of the policy should cover the items in the shipment. This helps protect your company if any merchandise becomes damaged or destroyed while it is transported. A few packages out of a large load might not be too difficult for a company to cover, but a major accident that destroys a large portion of the contents could be financially straining, especially for a small moving business.

Your policy is customized to meet the type of risks you could face. Rates are based on size, model and number of trucks used for moving items.

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