Basic Information For Beginners Looking to Explore Craft Beer in San Diego, CA

Everybody knows that beer and pizza go together, and everyone knows how to order the exact pizza they want. However, what’s not so common knowledge are the ins and outs of craft beer in San Diego, CA. It’s a world unto itself with many delightful types of beers. Listed below to help you begin your exploration are a few of the most popular.


Today, there are dozens of different types of Ales, and they all share the same brewing method, which requires warm fermentation. This warm fermentation gives ales their fruity taste. They are one of the most popular types of beer.

Porters and Stouts

Both of these beer choices are dark and heavy beverages. They taste and look very similar but are crafted differently. Porter uses malted barley, whereas stouts come from unmalted, roasted barley. So, essentially, they are the same beverage, but the unmalted, roasted barley gives stout a coffee flavor absent in most porters.

India Pale Ales

Often, these types of beers are bitter due to the quantity and types of hope. For this reason, many assume they are naturally bitter, which isn’t the case. The bitterness of IPAs comes from a brewing choice-there are plenty of IPAs that are fruity and lack any bitterness whatsoever.


Lagers are a wonderful choice of craft beer for pizza. They come in many different shades, although they are often light-colored. Some presume that lagers are generally lower-content beers. However, the truth is there are plenty of high-alcohol lagers on the market. For more information on pizza and craft beer in San Diego, CA, contact Regent Pizzeria today.

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