Basic Guide For Different Transmission Fluids

Having transmission fluid nearby can prove invaluable in a variety of circumstances. If you are going to be able to keep your equipment running the way that it is supposed to, you have to select the best possible fluid for the job. Knowing when to contact a Florida transmission fluid supplier is important, but it is equally as necessary to know the difference between various transmission fluids. Take a look at this simple guide and brush up on the basics.

Dexron III

One of the most common types of fluids that you will find for transmissions out there is Dexron III. This is a type of transmission fluid that is used in a wide variety of vehicles. While Dexron III is the most common name used at this point, any Dexron will do when an engine calls for it. You may also use Mercon fluids when Dexron is specified in most cases.

Type F

The thing about discovering the right Florida transmission fluid supplier is that you’re bound to come across products that you have not seen in the past. Type F transmission oil is one of the oldest varieties still being manufactured. Chances are you do not need this fluid, but you may want to brush up this option if you have a very specific older model.

Accidents Happen

There are many different kinds of fluid out there for you to consider. If you make a mistake, it is best to understand that it is not the end of the world. Most fluids are interchangeable, or will not have any serious adverse impact on your vehicle if used. Trial and error is okay with this decision, so feel free to experiment.

Once you have an idea of the type of fluid you need, it is best to take action. Discover the right Florida transmission fluid supplier for your needs and make the best possible decision for your unique needs.

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