Bariatric Surgery Procedures: You Have a Choice

When it comes to advanced bariatric surgery options in Lubbock, there are a few to consider. With technological advancements in medicine, patients now have a choice when it comes to choosing a weight loss procedure. Learn about the various types of bariatric surgery to determine the best option for you.

Gastric Bypass

The gastric bypass procedure separates your stomach into two pouches, a smaller one at the top and a larger one at the bottom. The small intestine is then rerouted. Gastric bypass generally requires a more extended hospital stay because of the surgery components. However, advanced bariatric surgery of this magnitude can be done laparoscopically, avoiding the need for open surgery.

Adjustable Gastric Band

The gastric band introduced another way of performing advanced bariatric surgery in Lubbock. It’s a restrictive procedure that places a band around the top part of the stomach with a small opening leading to the stomach. The small opening is adjusted by filling the band with a sterile solution. The procedure is designed to fill the band gradually until reaching a comfortable level of satiety. The gastric band procedure may also be performed laparoscopically but doesn’t require any cutting of the stomach. It’s also reversible, unlike gastric bypass.

Sleeve Gastronomy

The sleeve gastronomy removes about 80 percent of the stomach, leaving a smaller, tubular stomach pouch. The sleeve gastronomy has gained popularity in recent years because it’s an advanced bariatric surgery that doesn’t require foreign objects like the adjustable gastric band and there is no rerouting of the stomach or intestines.

Orbera Balloon

The Orbera balloon is a weight loss system. It requires no incisions and is temporary. Your Lubbock surgeon inserts the balloon orally through your esophagus and places it directly into your stomach. The balloon is removed within a year after you adjust to new eating habits and lifestyle. Once the balloon is removed, continue to receive support to maintain progress.

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