Backsplashes And Granite Countertops In Bloomington, MN

Granite, like natural stone, is a beautiful option for any kitchen space. If you are considering granite countertops for a home in Bloomington, MN, you will also want to consider how you want the backsplash to look and how it can be coordinated with the countertop.

Before making any decisions, it is worthwhile to spend some time looking at different options in granite countertops. This includes both the color of the granite, which will vary based on the location and the quarry from where it is taken.

The Formation of Granite

All of the granite countertops will feature earthly colors as this is an igneous rock that is developed by the very slow cooling of liquid magma within the earth’s crust. As it cools it crystallizes, and the minerals are trapped within the cooling crystals, different colors become more prominent.

There can be pink, black, brown, white, cream, gold, tan and even blue or pink. The amazing shades and patterns within granite countertops are also naturally formed by the cooling of the magma and the presence of minerals, making for unique patterns and flecking throughout each slab that is unique and different.

To create a backsplash that matches the specific color and pattern in your granite countertops, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. Of course, you can also use the granite, which is a striking look for many kitchen spaces.

Accent Tiles

Small or large tiles that feature one or more of the colors in the granite countertops can make an amazing look to the kitchen area. The use of the accent colors in the tiles combined with a neutral color, such as a beige, white or tan, really brings out that specific fleck or color within the countertop itself.

Rustic Backsplashes

Most people will choose polished granite countertops which give a rich, lustrous look. To balance this in a more rustic type of kitchen theme, consider using a honed tile that is more textured in appearance and has a very neutral color such as browns or grays to match the predominant color in the granite.

Add a Splash of Color

It is a very good idea to add a splash of color in the backsplash to highlight accent colors in the décor. For example, if you are creating a French provincial style in the kitchen choose a white with blue or darker grays and then use a brighter blue in the backsplash to highlight the color and the theme.

Finally, when you are choosing your granite countertops and backsplashes in Bloomington, MN, don’t forget about countertop lighting as a way to accentuate the color and design and bring your kitchen to life.

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