Back Off From Social Media During a Case Involving Divorce and Family Law in Milwaukee WI

by | Jan 7, 2016 | Family Law

If you and your spouse are beginning divorce proceedings, it’s best to stay off of social media for the most part until the divorce is final. That’s especially important if there’s any risk you could lose something you treasure, such as custody of the children. A firm that offers representation in family law in the Milwaukee WI area can explain the details of how social media activity can be very detrimental to a person during a divorce case.

Even if you think photos in your account are thoroughly locked up in privacy settings, a skilled private investigator probably can find them. It doesn’t take high-tech computer skills in most cases. This is the time to delete any pictures that provide evidence you are not the best parent to have physical custody of the children. Those photos might depict parties, alcohol, new romantic partners or any other aspects a family court judge might see as questionable. Posting pictures of yourself in fancy new clothing might constitute evidence that you are frivolously spending temporary child support funds on yourself. Typically, anything you post is admissible in court, even if you thought it was private.

It’s not just the most obvious social media website that can cause problems. Sites that allow people to post snippets of their thoughts and daily activity also can be used against a spouse in court. Even message boards have been known to cause serious problems when a spouse’s postings have come to light in front of a family court judge. A firm that handles cases of Family Law in Milwaukee WI knows the hazards of online discussions that delve into personal lives. Custodial parents have actually lost physical custody of the children or have been ordered to share physical custody, even if several years have passed since the divorce.

For help with knowing how much and what type of social media activity will likely not cause problems during a divorce, a firm such as Horizons Law Group is available. It’s important to have a skilled Family Law representative when the end of a marriage is not entirely amicable and much is at stake.

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