Avoid Claim Mistakes with Help from a Slip and Fall Lawyer in Queens County, NY

A slip and fall case can be confusing, especially when it involves physical therapy, medical treatment and time away from work. Most people have never handled an injury claim, and they commonly make mistakes that can hurt the case in the future. Below, readers can learn how a slip and fall lawyer in Queens County, NY can help them avoid these errors.

Failing to Follow the Physician’s Recommendations

Noncompliance with medical advice is an adverse factor in a slip and fall case. If a client has treatment gaps, the other party’s insurer will use them to prove that the injury isn’t as serious as claimed. An attorney can help clients schedule and keep all necessary medical appointments during the claims process.

Making a Statement to the Insurer

Many assume that the insurer will always be understanding and do the right thing, but it’s usually the opposite. Insurers are in the business to make a profit, and they do so by minimizing victims’ injuries and reducing payouts wherever possible. For these reasons, a victim shouldn’t make a statement to the insurance company without first consulting a slip and fall lawyer.

Taking the First Settlement Offer

In many cases, a plaintiff who accepts the insurer’s first offer is selling themselves short. Some symptoms don’t appear for days or even months after an accident, and many insurers make an initial offer before the victim’s treatments are finished. A slip and fall lawyer in Queens County, NY can negotiate a settlement that will cover all current and future accident-related medical expenses.

Filing a Claim Without an Attorney

One of the other big mistakes victims make is trying to settle a claim without legal help. Insurers have dedicated teams of attorneys to protect their interests, and victims should have the same type of representation. When a slip and fall victim hires a lawyer, they level the playing field, and they’re more likely to be treated fairly by the insurance company.

Documentation is extremely important in a slip and fall case, and an attorney can help a client gather the necessary documentation.

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