Auto Accident care that matters at Medig

Automobile accidents are one of the most dangerous medical situations. People involved in road accidents usually spend a long time recovering. Patients need much more than physical recovery to overcome the trauma of accidents. If you are involved in an automobile accident, you need a provider who knows just how to give you the right attention. At Medig, you will find that and more.

The founders of Medig wanted a personalized experience that went above and beyond to accompany the patient in the healing process. Former accident patients themselves, these doctors put together the perfect formula for caring for accident patients.

When you check into Auto Accident Injury Care Jacksonville FL, there are four steps in the process. You schedule your visit, have an exam, get a treatment option and start feeling better. The Auto Accident Injury Care Jacksonville FL, like other Medig facilities, use personalized treatment plans depending on the patient.

At Medig, a combination of manual and exercise therapy is employed to treat the injured areas. A medical provider regularly sees you and makes any necessary changes to the treatment plan. These could include your medication regimen, ordering x-rays or scans, or referring you to appropriate specialists.

Upon the completion of medical recovery at the Auto Accident Injury Care Jacksonville FL, you will get a program to keep your exercises going at home as well as additional precautions that will aid in the healing process. Your primary care provider will also obtain the medical care and medical status records.

In addition to the owners, most of the staff at Medig are all former auto accident patients. They all know what it takes to care for accident patients. They also have lots of experience to go with the services provided. The physical therapist for example, has more than 40 years of experience caring for accident patients.

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