Authenticating Diamond Earrings in Singapore

Many people are hesitant about making major purchases online, because they cannot view or hold the merchandise before they buy it. However, if you are careful, you can purchase anything online, including diamond jewelry. Here is information about the four “Cs” of buying diamond jewelry.

Become Educated

Before buying diamond earrings or other diamond jewelry, you need to know what to look for and become familiar with some of the terminology used in the industry. When purchasing diamond earrings in Singapore, you need to know about the four “Cs.” The four “Cs” include:

  • Color – The GIA rates diamond color from “D” to “Z,” with D being colorless to Z, indicating increasing amounts of color.
  • Clarity – There are six categories for clarity to indicate diamonds that are flawless or those that have inclusions. Inclusions are blemishes or faults in a diamond that are usually too small to be seen by the naked eye. The value of the diamond will be affected by the number of its inclusions.
  • Cut – A diamond’s cut is ranked from excellent to poor, and it can affect the brilliance and fire of a diamond. Along with the how well the diamond shines, the cut also refers to its design, its craftsmanship and how well it was polished.
  • Carat – This is a measurement of a diamond’s weight, which is subdivided into 100 points. The weight of a diamond is measured to its 100th decimal.

Request a Report

Whenever you purchase diamond earrings, or other types of diamond jewelry, ask for a grading report. The report will tell you everything you need to know about the diamond, including information about the four “Cs.” It will also tell you where the diamond was mined and if it was treated to change its color or clarity. A report is the best way to authenticate diamonds.

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