Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing material

There are numerous materials used for roofing in the United States, among them are slate, tile, cedar shakes, various metals and asphalt shingles. Shingle roofing in St. Louis is by far the most popular, the shingles are cheap and easy to manufacture, easy to install, widely available and long lasting.

There are two types of shingles:

Shingles are produced in two types; fiberglass and organic.

Fiberglass shingles use a mat of woven fiberglass; this in turn is covered with asphalt which in turn is covered with ceramic granules. The asphalt guarantees the roof will be waterproof and the granules protect the shingle from the harmful effects of the sun. Fiberglass shingles are lighter, thinner and have a higher fire rating than organic shingle roofing in St. Louis.

Organic based shingles are produced from a layer of felt paper which has been saturated in asphalt and then the shingle is topped with granules. As organic shingles have considerably more asphalt than their fiberglass counterpart they are heavier, thicker and cost more.

Types of shingles:

It makes no difference whether the shingle is fiberglass or organic, they all are the same size; one foot by three feet. Shingles are produced in two distinct types.

*    Three tab: These shingles are recognized because of the cutouts on the lower edge. Once installed each individual shingle takes on the appearance of being three individual pieces, but it is really only a single shingle. This design is very old and remains popular due to its low cost.

*    Architectural shingles: These shingles do not have tabs or cutouts; the lower portion of the shingle has an additional layer of asphalt which creates a “dimensional” look. The layers are bonded with a sealant which also increases the shingles waterproof feature.

When professionally installed, it is hard to tell shingle roofing in St. Louis from slate, tile and even shakes. They are available in a host of colors which easily compliment the style of the home.

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