Areas Where Faucets Can Break and the Need for Faucet Supplies in Orange County for Repair or Replacement

by | Jan 30, 2015 | Construction & Maintenance

Faucets are a fundamental operation of all sinks. When they break, the sink is rendered useless. If you only have a couple of working sinks in your home, this can become a major problem. So, it is important to find a place that can provide the different parts of the faucet. These are some of the areas in which a faucet can break down.

One of the areas in which a faucet can break is with the water valves. These valves allow the flow of water and shut it down when it is not needed. Since these valves are mechanically operated, fixing them requires finding the right Faucets Supplies in Orange Country. If the valves have sheered off, a new faucet may be needed. If the valve connections are stripped from their fittings, you will need to replace the entire valve.

Another area in which a faucet can break is with the spray hose operation. If the spray hose develops a leak, the water will come out of the nozzle every time it is turned on. If it is overstretched, the fittings inside can break and render the nozzle useless. While the spray hose can be replaced, the water to the hose will have to be shut off until the Faucets Supplies in Orange Country arrive and the replacement is installed into the system. Otherwise, the water will continue to leak every time it is turned on.

Although it is very rare, the nozzle itself can break. Usually, this is due to an inordinate amount of pressure placed on the nozzle such as leaning too hard on it or knocking it around. Since these parts are usually welded on, this type of fracture will render the sink inoperable. A replacement faucet is the only way to fix this type of damage.

The faucets are an essential part of the sink. While they don’t break that often, it can happen. Some types of damage can be repaired with the right faucet parts. But in the case of severe damage, the only choice is to replace the entire faucet with a new one.

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