Are All Metal Stamping Companies The Same?

For a new OEM or a startup company in any industry, finding the right businesses to partner with to provide quality service and reliable, dependable parts and components is always a challenge. With the increase in the popularity of metal stamping for parts across a wide range of industries, there are a number of metal stamping companies in most areas.

Some of these metal stamping companies are relatively new businesses while others are established companies with decades in the industry. Selecting the best of these services allows the OEM to develop a solid working relationship with a top partner to work with as their production increases and their company grows. It also ensures all orders are delivered with consistent quality on a schedule that is set by the OEM.

Experience Really Does Matter

When precision parts are important, and both the quality control and the aesthetics of the part are essential, the provider’s experience in the metal stamping industry is a key factor to consider.

Companies that have decades in providing metal stamping have the trained professionals, the latest in equipment and the capacity to take on small to large volume production orders. This includes single orders or ongoing production needs.


Capacity is an important consideration for the OEM when comparing metal stamping companies. If the metal stamping service is able to meet current production needs but has limited ability to scale up production quickly or to meet anticipated future production, they are at best a temporary partner.

With regards to capacity, be cautious of new metal stamping shops without experience in managing high volume or continuous production requirements. Understanding of working with the OEMs delivery and scheduling requirements, with supply chain logistics and even coordinating order production internally is something that takes time, experience and a full understanding of production capacity for production.

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