Applying for Disability Benefits? Contact a Social Security Attorney for Help

When a person becomes too sick to work, they have very few places to turn to for help. Federal and state governments expect them to live off of their savings or private disability insurance for at least a year. If they don’t have these available, then they will have to hope that family members or friends will help. After they have been unable to work for 12 months, they can apply for Social Security disability benefits. Many people have found that it is very difficult to be accepted into the program. If a person is considering applying to this program, they should hire a Social Security Attorney to help.

The lawyer will know the common reasons that applications are rejected and how to avoid these issues. Often a person who fills out their own application spends too much time describing their illness. There are sick people who do manage to work. Therefore the applicant has to clearly show how his illness prevents him from working. He must list all of his jobs and the tasks he was expected to perform. He has to enumerate how much he had to sit or stand, the weight he was required to lift and carry, as well as the machines he was required to use. He also has to list any type of accommodation his employers made to help him. For example, a cashier might list that their employer allowed them to sit on a stool. Despite this, they were in too much pain to do their job.

Applicants may not realize that the Social Security Administration has precise criteria to use to determine if a person is disabled by a condition. These are listed in a manual that is know as the Blue Book. Not meeting one of these criteria can result in a rejected application. Many times the person does meet all of the criteria, but forgets to include a few. The Social Security Attorney will ensure that all relevant and required information is included in the application. The William D. McGillicuddy Law Office PC is one of the law firms that helps people through this process. Disabled people can contact them for advice. Or get in touch with us for more details.

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