An Unusual Problem That Can Be Fixed by an Air Conditioning Contractor in Guntersville, AL

Occasionally, a homeowner discovers a very unusual problem with equipment in the house. For instance, they may need to call an Air Conditioning Contractor in Guntersville AL if they turn on the central air and the furnace turns on at the same time. At first, they may not realize this is happening, but they soon notice that warm air is coming from the cooling vents. If they don’t realize this is happening before leaving the house for several hours, the utility bills for the day will be abnormally steep.

When this happens, people go online to see if the issue is something they can fix on their own. Responses range from incredulity at such a bizarre incident to helpful when do-it-yourself types have encountered this sort of situation before.

Electrical Wiring or Trouble With the Thermostat

The problem typically is associated with an electrical wiring issue or trouble with the thermostat. Sometimes, wires are touching that shouldn’t be, thus disrupting the system. In other cases, the central air unit or the thermostat may have been wired improperly. In some instances, the thermostat was installed several months ago, and the furnace ran during the winter without any trouble. But, when someone turns the thermostat down to start the central air in spring, both appliances run together.

Calling for Professional Assistance

Electrical work is not in most men’s and women’s skill set. They are better off calling for assistance from an Air Conditioning Contractor in Guntersville AL to make sure they don’t make matters worse. If it feels imperative to run the air conditioner because the house is getting too warm, one possibility would be to switch off the circuit breaker to the furnace. The central air unit and the furnace will not be on the same breaker, so the air conditioning could be used this way until a technician arrives. In some cases, the breaker may trip on its own because the system is overloaded.

However, this is not a long-term solution, as wiring issues should be addressed promptly. A technician like a Corbin’s Your Indoor Air Quality Specialist typically can make an emergency call the same day in this type of situation.

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