An Oil Stain Remover In Baltimore MD Will Keep Your Home Or Business Looking Great

Oil from vehicles leaking or repairs to engines can make a surface look unsightly, cause a lingering smell, and ruin the surface of a parking garage, parking lot, or inside of a residential garage. A penetrating Oil Stain Remover Baltimore MD can be applied to a surface and a stiff brush will help to lift the oil from the surface. The surface can then be power washed to remove any stains or oil that were previously there. Oil is absorbed in concrete like a sponge and it takes careful cleaning by an experienced company to remove these stains.

Should Asphalt Be Cleaned?

Asphalt is a very porous surface and the oil will be absorbed quickly. This type of surface can be difficult to clean unless an Oil Stain Remover Baltimore MD is properly applied and pressure washed by an experienced company as quickly as possible. Older stains can be removed, but will take additional methods to remove the stain.

Can Someone Use A Regular Hose To Clean Oil From A Surface?

Spraying an area with an oil stain is never recommended because it only spreads the oil across the surface. An individual can wipe the oil up and put kitty litter on the spot to help absorb some of the oil. Even after this is performed, it will still need to be cleaned by an experienced company.

Why Is It So Important to Clean Concrete Or Asphalt?

Parking garages and lots can look poorly maintained when there are large grease spots on the surface. The surface can become slippery, especially in a rainstorm, and cause a safety hazard. Oil can be absorbed into the sole of someone’s shoe and transfer to their car floor mats or carpeting.

Other Services A Pressure Washing Company Can Perform

In addition to removing unsightly oil stains, a pressure washing company can clean dirt, grime and other things from the outside of a building. This includes decks, walkways and other surfaces that easily accumulate dirt. It can leave a building looking like new.

Mr. Clean Power Washing LLC offers many services for keeping your home or business clean and fresh. If you’re an owner or property manager, give them a call and find out how they can help improve the appearance of your property.

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