An IP Time Clock Serves a Powerful Purpose

When it comes to traffic products and warning systems, the pressing need is to solve traffic industry issues. Flashing beacons can easily serve as a supplement for devices used to control traffic. Flashing beacons include those used for hazardous identification, intersection control, and stop signs. When used in school zone systems, an IP time clock serves an important role in turning the flashing beacon on and off. Beacons are turned on at a specific time in the morning, and later in the afternoon when kids are getting out of school.

The Benefits of Programmable Time Clocks
It is impossible to overemphasize the importance of keeping children safe while going to and from school. The primary purpose of school zone time clocks is it to make motorists aware of speed limit changes. An IP time clock can be remotely controlled miles away by a computer. The beacon’s flash time can be adjusted according to changing weather conditions. Signals can easily be modified to turn on if kids are dismissed early, or if there are delayed school openings.

Automatic Problem Reporting
If there is a problem with the clock, automatic problem warning kicks in. Technicians on the monitoring end receive a warning or failure message via email. The system will also report conditions of low voltage or communication faults. If there is an interruption in the system, the beacon will continue to flash and operate as scheduled. Email notifications will of course be sent.

Warning System Features
IP time clock features include real-time process control, memory for storing program scheduling, adjustments for leap year and Daylight Saving Time, AC/DC power supply, built-in flasher circuits, scheduling for 20 holidays, and the capacity to program for an unlimited number of days. In addition, an effective unit will have the capabilities to track and maintain time for its host computer.

Parents and other motorists can play an important role near school zones by observing safely rules and safe driving practices. School children are often distracted when they arrive and leave school. As such, unsafe conditions are to be expected. Stay on the lookout for children who are walking or bicycling in the area.

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