An Introduction To The Honeywell Q652B1006

The Honeywell Q652B1006 is used in commercial and industrial types of systems and applications. It is an ignition transformer that is specifically designed to ignite all types of gas burners in systems used for industrial and commercial purposes. This gas ignition transformer is specifically made to be used in interrupted ignition systems, and should only be used in these types of systems.

Size and Weight

With industrial and commercial use, the Q652B1006 is a more substantial component that would be found in gas appliances and systems for use in residential or non-industrial types of applications. The Q652B1006 weighs in at a pound, and it is approximately four and one-half inches in height by almost three inches in width and just over two inches in depth.

It can operate in a temperature range of 14 degrees Fahrenheit to up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also a component that can be used in high humidity environments of up to 90% relative humidity.

Features and Use Considerations

The Honeywell Q652B1006 transformer operates on 120 volts, and it uses a single electrode that operates on high voltage for all types of gas ignition applications. It can be used in systems and equipment with gas pilots, with the spacing of the electrodes within the system at 0.029 to 0.125 inches.

The Honeywell Q652B1006 can be used as a replacement for a conventional type of ignition transformer. It has been designed to mount in the same location, making it easy to upgrade a current gas ignition transformer to the Q652B1006.

As with all types of Honeywell parts and components, the Q652B1006 is designed to be easy to install, connect, and test. The manual that is provided with the component outlines the ignition spark response test, the pilot turndown test, and the final checkout to verify the Q652B1006 is correctly installed and fully operational.

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