An Insider’s Look at Selecting the Best Professional Model

In the world of modeling, a great photo comes from the lens of a brilliant photographer.  Often times, however, it takes so much more than an eye for art to make a great portrait. A great photo has a lot to do with the model, as well. Model photographers are not only skilled at what they do, but elect to work with models who have the body, face, experience and talent to take truly great snapshots.

Body & Face
While there is a lot that goes into capturing a truly great moment on camera, model photographers in NYC aid the process by selecting models who have the body and face to fit the photo. Depending on what a particular client is looking for, model photographers traditionally select rather tall, lean models who stand over 5’9” or so to perform their photo shoots. Taller models tend to be masters at streamlining a particular look; making certain outfits look nothing short of fabulous and sexy. Model photographers in NYC are able to capture the curvier look, too; selecting shorter, more average sized models for those clients who want to capture a more natural look. Model photographers have a keen eye for what body type and face profile best suits each client’s photography demands and are able to select each model accordingly for the best results.

Professional Experience
Experience is another thing that photographers who specialize in the modeling industry look for. Prior to working with a particular model, a photographer may inquire about any previous experience that would attest to their skills and their ability to execute a successful photo shoot. Most models maintain a portfolio of related work that they can show prospective photographers looking to hire. This is a great way for a photographer to determine what kind of experience a particular model brings to the table; what they might be capable of; and to assess whether they would be a good fit for their needs. In addition, model photographers will, often times, ask around for referrals. Since the photography industry is a rather intimate and close-knit society, the best referrals often times come from other internal photography professionals.

True Talent
Model photographers aspire to hire models with true talent. Not everyone is gifted with the natural ability to present themselves well in front of a camera. To secure the best results, model photographers select the models that have the most confidence, poise and professionalism in front the camera; models that can really “work” the lens and create a very natural looking photo. Model photographers have a keen eye for untapped talent, as well. They are always keeping their eye out for those who have the “look”, but may not yet have the professional experience needed to build an actual portfolio and market themselves appropriately in the industry.

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