Amenities Offered At A Pet Hotel

How many of you have pets? Have you ever found yourself in a predicament where you were going to be away from your home for a few days and needed someone to watch your pets, or a place for your pet to go while you were gone? Unfortunately, you just cannot bring your pet with you everywhere all of the time, and there will come a time where they will need to be cared for. There are times when you may want to go on vacation or are on a business trip and you don’t want to have to worry if your pets are being properly cared for. Ortega Animal Care Center is a full service care center that offers veterinary services and also has a state of the art pet hotel.

Kennels Are a Thing of the Past

No longer do you have to worry about kennels where your animal is just going to be cooped up in a fenced in area, a pet hotel has separate ‘suites’ for your furry friends and ensures that they are quite comfortable when you are away. Who would’ve ever thought of a pet hotel? The times have changed significantly over the past decade and now you can have 24-hour surveillance on your pet whether you are close or far.

Home Décor, No Problem

Each suite in the pet hotel is set up to resemble that of a home. Your pet will have a bed, home décor and televisions; they can lounge around in their amazing suite. There are also play times that can be scheduled with other like animals to ensure that your pet has company when you are gone as well. The pet hotel is an awesome option for all of those people who really want to pamper their pets and ensure they are receiving care similar to what they already have when you are home.

Additional Benefits

Additional benefits may include salon care as well because full grooming and bath services are offered in the Ortega Animal Care Center as well. Don’t you think your little furry loved ones deserve to be pampered just as much as you do? This is a perfect opportunity to get your pet groomed, and bathed – allow them to relax and just look amazing when you get back to them. If you want to video chat with your pet to let them know that you are thinking about them, this is another option that is available at their pet hotel.

Ortega Animal Care Center doesn’t just offer veterinary services, they have a pet hotel, salon and offer training courses as well. Give them a call today! You can also connect with them on Facebook for more updates.

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