Alternative Dental Treatments in Peachtree City for TMJ Disorder

If you are suffering from TMJ, a Botox treatment in Peachtree City, GA, administered at a dental office may give you some relief. TMJ disorder causes pain around the jaw. It can also cause mild to debilitating head, shoulder, and neck aches. Individuals that have this might grind their teeth. Thankfully, there are new treatment options to explore.

Botox TMJ Therapy

Botox TMJ therapy is a non-surgical approach to releasing the tension around the jaw. A dentist injects Botox in specific regions. The treatment will begin to relax the area, and a person’s headaches and other complications from the disorder should subside, or the injection may significantly reduce the episodes.


The procedure takes less than an hour. The length of time you will be in the dental chair depends on the number of injections needed. After receiving Botox Treatment In Peachtree City, GA, for TMJ pain, a patient might begin to feel relief that day or within a few days. Typically, the full effects are noticeable in about a week.

Side Effects

The side effects of Botox TMJ therapy are usually linked to the injection site. Some patients will have tenderness in that area. An ice pack can help ease the discomfort. Some people have reported feeling nauseated. After the treatment, you should avoid chewing for a while and stay upright. Do not massage the area. The rubbing might move the medication out of place. Because it is non-surgical, most people can return to daily tasks quickly, but you should avoid vigorous activities for the rest of the day.

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