All-Inclusive Services from a Dentist in Providence RI

by | Apr 7, 2016 | Dental Health

Most modern dentist offices can provide all types of services, due to advanced equipment and technologies. Teeth straightening, for example, was only available from an orthodontist not too long ago. New systems for straightening teeth, like clear braces and custom molded trays, mean patients can avoid the increased costs and inconvenience of going to a specialist. Those products are available right in the general dentist office.

Ceramic crowns and bridges for cosmetic dentistry, used to take up to three weeks, and several visits to a cosmetic specialist to get placed. That procedure can now be completed in one visit to the regular Dentist in Providence RI, and takes about two hours. A new machine can fabricate custom ceramic crowns based on imprints and digital X-rays. The dentist has to complete a course, be certified by the manufacturer of the technology, and invest in the equipment, but the convenience to patients is well worth the effort.

Many offices still do not offer oral and maxillofacial surgery in the same office. That means patients have to get a referral, obtain approval from their insurance company, and go to another office. Surgical procedures may include major reconstruction, jaw surgery, or bone grafting. Bone grafting is needed when a jaw line is receding, or the bone has lost mass, and cannot support an implant. The procedure is done for preservation or jaw stabilization.

It is a complicated process that can take several months. There are three types of bone grafting possible. Autogenous grafting is done with bone harvested from the patient; an allograft uses cadaver or synthetic bone; and a xenograft is completed using cow bone. Layers are built up over time to support an implant or bridge.

The idea can be scary and stressful for patients, as well as painful. Having to go to a new office to have that done would only add to the stress and anxiety. There is a Dentist in Providence RI that has the training and capacity to perform oral and maxillofacial surgery. Patients can contact us to discuss options, arrange for a consultation, and get detailed information regarding payment plans for major procedures. Dealing with the same office for all oral health needs can ensure a high quality of care, and increase patient comfort levels.

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