Alexandria Experts Offer Pet Care Tips For Enjoying The Water

Summertime is rapidly approaching and as such, it’s only natural to want to take your pet with you to a beach, lake or swimming pool. However, experts on Pet Care in Alexandria suggest that before you and Fido jump head first into the deep end, you consider the following information.

He May Be A Dog But Watch Him Like a Hawk

The supervision of your furry loved one is paramount to his safety. Like children, dogs should be watched every second they’re in the water, as they face the dangers as anyone else. Never allow your pet to swim unattended, always keeping a gate around the pool, and locking it when not in use. For the pet new to swimming, consider a life jacket made especially for dogs in his weight range. If it’s your pool, also consider a skamper ramp that allows the dog to quickly get out of the pool if he falls in. Finally, consider a mobile device that attaches to a collar. This will let you know if the pooch decides to take a swim without you.

Signs Signs Everywhere Are Signs

Sometimes, they simply say, “NO DOGS ALLOWED” or maybe no swimming or beach closed. Keep in mind, the powers that be didn’t place the signs just to make life hard on you. They were placed for a reason, so don’t ignore the signs.

Can He Really Swim?

Just because the stroke doggie paddle has his breed in its name doesn’t mean he can automatically swim, so DON’T throw your pet in the water. Instead, gently teach your dog how to swim and help him become accustomed to getting wet. Control the situation and don’t try tackle the ocean all at once.

Water Water Everywhere

But, nary a drop to drink. Don’t let your dog drink the chlorinated pool water. Instead, take along his bowl and give him fresh water to drink at his leisure. This will help prevent gastro problems that could be caused by drinking large amounts of pool, lake or salt water.

A dog can have a great time beating the heat in the water this year. Just take the time to introduce him to it slowly and to keep a close eye on him while you’re enjoying the water as well. For other tips on Pet Care in Alexandria, Visit Website Domain.

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