Air Compressor Parts and Service PA

One of the most crucial things you need to have in your home is a good air system. Sometimes, it can be hard to find experts to fix it when you are having problems. In such situations, you can always run to Air Center Inc. for quality Air Compressor Parts and Service PA.

An air compressor must have particular components for its efficient functioning, and you need to know and understand them.

Basic Air Compressor Parts

Prior buying an air compressor, you should make an effort to understand the different parts that it has and the function of each one of them.

The motor

The motor is the source of power for the compressor pump. It drives the pulley and the two belts that allow for the transfer of power to the pump pistons. This is through a flywheel whose function is to cool the pump.

The storage tank

It is also referred to as the receiver. It functions to store the air that has been compressed until it’s ready for use. The size of the storage tank for your air compressor depends on its size.

The drain

It prevents moisture from accumulating in the tank by getting rid of any water that might be in the tank. You should never forget to make sure that it is functional to avoid altering the performance of your air compressor.

Intake and Exit filter

The intake filter allows the air to flow by cleaning out the dirt for its pure compression. The role of the exit filter is to remove any contaminations that might be present in the air that is being compressed.

The pressure switch

Once the receiver’s air pressure has reached the limit set by the factory, the switch functions to shut down the motor.

Again, when the compressed air has been used up, and the tank’s pressure level drops, this switch restarts the motor and the process of compressing air resumes.

Control value

The role of the control value is to monitor the air pressure in your air compressor.

With this information, finding the best Air Compressor Parts and Service PA will be quite easy. You can contact Air Centre Inc. or Visit the website for more details.

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