Aftercare Tips to Help Your Dental Implants Last As Long As Possible

Dental implants are becoming a popular orthodontic treatment. The procedure replaces missing teeth and stabilizes dentures for function and comfort. After investing time and money to restore a beautiful smile with dental implants, you want them to last for the longest time possible. You need to take care of your mouth and teeth before and after dental implants for optimal healing and appealing results. Unfortunately, dental implants are at a higher risk of failing and causing oral health issues without consistent daily care and maintenance. Fortunately, care after a dental implant treatment is not tricky.

You Still Need to Visit Your Dentist

Maintenance appointments with your dentist for professional cleaning are an essential part of caring for your Chicago dental implants. The causes of loss of natural teeth, such as bite problems, gum disease, and tooth decay can also affect your implants. Therefore, you need to see your dentist often so that problems can be detected and treated early enough before they affect dental implants.

Avoid Sticky or Hard Foods

You are likely to damage dental implants when you eat hard foods. Therefore, you should avoid sticky and hard foods, such as dry fruits, ice, caramel, and hard candy after your Chicago dental implant surgery. Such foods make the implant structure weak.

Brush Thoroughly

Dentists recommend patients to use a soft brush that is designed for implants when cleaning teeth. You should brush the dental implants thoroughly and often using a soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid damaging the surface of an implant. Ideally, you ought to brush for about two or three minutes to get rid of the plaque that forms on the surface of the implants.

Proper care and maintenance are essential to make sure that the implants last as long as possible. You should follow these aftercare tips to have a healthy and beautiful smile for a long time. In Chicago, IL, visit Art of Modern Dentistry, for more information.

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