Affordable Health Care Insurance in Troy, MI

Do you need health care insurance in Troy, MI? According to recent statistics, approximately 30 million people in the United States do not have health insurance. Many Americans feel health insurance is too costly and choose to opt out. They suffer because they cannot find an affordable health insurance option. However, there are affordable options available such as those plans offered by HealthMarkets Insurance – Eric Zawicki. On the best health insurance websites, you can contrast and compare prices and plans.

Why Do I Need Health Insurance?

One major accident can greatly disrupt your life. You may have money saved for emergencies, but medical bills due to a major accident often exceed people’s savings. If you fall and break your leg, surgery to repair your bone can cost between 18 and 150 thousand dollars. With a health insurance plan, anything owed after you have paid your deductible is covered.

How Much Does Health Insurance Cost?

The cost of health care insurance in Troy, MI, greatly varies. Most health insurance companies will ask you to get a physical before they provide coverage. Health insurance companies are a business. They want to know how risky your physical and mental health is before making an offer. However, many health insurance companies have recently waived this examination, making it easier than ever to get health insurance. The average cost for health insurance for an individual is approximately $450 a month and $1,200 a month for a family.

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