Advantages Students Get By Living in Off-Campus Apartments in Greensboro

by | Nov 1, 2023 | Student Housing Center

No matter if you are an incoming freshman or an experienced senior, you definitely want to live in the best place possible. Instead of wasting your time suffering through college dorm life, it makes much more sense to move into UNCG off-campus housing. The benefits of doing so are many.

Great Amenities

When you move into a student apartment, you’ll have access to some fantastic amenities such as a swimming pool and hot tub, no full-sized appliances, and not even a private laundry area. These all come together to make college life very enjoyable and less stressful.

Make Your Own Rules

When you live in a college dormitory, you are also subject to the rules that the university enforces. Curfews and restrictions on who can visit you are a matter of course and don’t do much to make you feel like an adult. Just the opposite is true when it comes to living in student housing. You can set the rules that specifically make sense for you.


Oddly enough, it is often much cheaper to live in your own apartment than it is to live in a dorm building. This is often because colleges tack on extra premiums for options but you may never even use them. When you live in UNCG off-campus housing, you only pay for things that you actually use.

If you are interested in moving into a student apartment of your very own, please contact The Reserve Greensboro at for more information.

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