Advantages of Wood Windows in Santa Clarita, CA

Wood has historically been used for construction of residential homes for centuries, and windows are no exception. Homeowners considering renovations might, however, wonder why so many modern homes still use this timeless material. They are more expensive than their equally common modern vinyl counterpart, so it’s safe to assume that Wood Windows in Santa Clarita CA come with added benefits that vinyl ones do not. Below are just a few of the reasons so may homeowners are willing to spend the extra money on wood replacement windows.

Aesthetic Appeal

Thanks to its prevalence in historical construction and its timeless beauty wood lends a certain aesthetic appeal that is simply not present in vinyl windows. It is elegant and warm, and can be painted to match any color or design scheme. Those who live in historical homes will certainly want to have renovations performed that match the existing structure, which is often enough reason in and of itself to choose wooden fixtures.

Strength and Durability

The initial cost of choosing Wood Windows in Santa Clarita CA is often offset by their higher life expectancy. With proper care wooden windows can quite literally last a lifetime, which simply isn’t true of vinyl or aluminum. Although these materials are cheaper to install initially, they don’t hold up as well to the test of time.

Lower Heat Transfer Rate

Wood doesn’t conduct heat very well. As a result, wood windows are great for insulation. In fact, when properly installed they can insulate better than any other material available on today’s market. This also helps to offset the initial investment cost, as it leads to lower energy bills over time.

Of course, there are also some downsides to choosing wood. Although it is not susceptible to rust, wood is susceptible to termites and other insects. Wood windows also require more maintenance. They must be periodically repainted in order to prevent rot and swelling. Regardless of what type of window homeowners decide to install, they’ll need an experienced contractor to help them choose materials and install the windows correctly. Homeowners can Click Here for more information about one local company that can help.

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