Advantages of Log Homes for Sale in Sarasota

by | Oct 26, 2015 | Real Estate

Often log homes are built to reflect an old world era. They are attractive and give a sense of warmth and security. Log homes for sale in Sarasota provide many advantages over homes built with standard wood frame construction.

Energy Efficiency
In general log homes for sale in Sarasota are more energy efficient than standard wood frame homes by more than 15 percent. In a log home, some of the insulation is provided by the wood. Its R-value measures its resistance to the flow of heat. The higher the R-value, the more resistance there is to the flow of heat.

A home built with conventional wood studs, insulation and sheathing, has an R-value of about 14 while a log home has an R-value of just over 8. The thermal capabilities of a log home come into play regarding the heat storage capability of the logs. Under the right circumstances and in the right climates, the logs can store heat during the day and release heat at night. The R-value of a log home can be increased by 0.1 per inch of thickness in sunny and mild climates where there is a substantial swing in temperature from day to night.

Fire Safety
Log homes for sale in Sarasota have a lower chance of burning down than standard wood-frame homes. There is a natural insulation and resistance to the rate at which flames can burn through a log home as compared to a home built conventionally.

Additional Advantages
Log homes for sale require less maintenance, particularly if built with kiln-dried logs as opposed to standing dead timber. A water-sealing and the overall sealing product should be applied to the exterior logs of a home as well as products that will help the wood to retain its original color over time and not turn gray. Sometimes an insecticide can also be mixed in and applied with the sealing product.

Because of the dense wood of which a log home is constructed, the wood limits the amount of sound transmission. Therefore, a log home offers a quiet and peaceful living environment – one which can provide an oasis of comfortable living for many years.

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