Advantages of Auto Liability Insurance

Having sufficient insurance is an important part of responsible driving. A driver must function as their own advocate, and the automobile liability service offered at Ginsberg Agency can protect drivers in the event of an accident. There are many benefits to liability insurance, and this article highlights three of the most important advantages to this type of insurance coverage.

Liability Insurance Is Coverage Drivers Can Count On

Most states require drivers to carry liability insurance, and Nassau County, NY is no exception. However, for new drivers, comparing policies can be difficult, as companies often make broad promises. Auto liability insurance in Nassau County, NY protects drivers’ financial interests by covering bodily injury and property damage caused in an accident.

Meeting State Requirements

In most places, drivers are legally required to carry a certain level of liability coverage. If a person is in an accident and they are found in violation of the minimum coverage limit, they’ll likely face heavy fines along with the cost to repair the other driver’s property damage.


Liability coverage is an affordable way for drivers to get the protection they need. Because it’s so low in cost, drivers should consider buying coverage in excess of the state minimum. Investing in a higher limit can give a customer greater peace of mind while still allowing them to pay a reasonable monthly rate.

Big Savings

According to information from the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), the average cost of living rose 1.6% in 2014. With prices going up across the board, drivers are looking to save wherever they can, and a liability policy allows drivers to make a small monthly payment that results in significant annual savings. An auto liability policy can save a driver from getting caught up in a frivolous claim filed by another motorist who wants a high payout after an accident that only resulted in minor damage.

It can be difficult for a driver to know what type of auto insurance to purchase, but a local insurance agent can help. When an agent provides a selection of competitively-priced auto insurance options, customers are more likely to find the right plan for their needs and their budget.

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