Adrenalin Rushes in Kenya

After you and your friends have booked some guest houses in Kenya, you’ll need to come up with a variety of exciting things to do. If you’re of a high-speed mindset, there are a lot of great activities that cater to your adrenalin-fueled lifestyle. From exotic animals to fast cars, you can do any of these great things in Kenya.

Participate in a Dirt Rally

Every year, Kenya has a dirt rally called the East African Safari Classic Rally. You can arrange to participate, or just be a spectator in this dusty race. If you have the means to rent or bring a passenger vehicle built before 1978, then look online for how to register. This activity is sure to be a winner with gear-heads and carnets alike.

Take a Snake Safari

Anyone can sit in a dusty vehicle and drive along safari paths, but how about getting up close and personal with an animal most people find quite frightening. Since there are more than 100 snake species in Kenya, they are fairly easy to spot all over the place. If you book a snake safari, the tour guides are well versed in snake and reptile knowledge. When booking for you and your friends, ask about the local snake safaris.

Try the Rhino Charge

For another gas-powered thrill, try the Rhino Charge. This yearly event has no set course but features a variety of check-points you can seek out in a 4×4 vehicle. To make things competitive, the location isn’t announced in advance, so no one gets an edge from scouting the terrain ahead of time. Sign up fast, because spots are limited.

Whether you’re into action-packed racing or exotic wildlife, you can find a lot to do in Kenya. Safari and Lodge is conveniently located near many local amenities and other fun activities, so just ask around for your favorite thing to do.

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