Adoptees Can Discover Their Birth Families Through DNA Testing

Those who were adopted as children have many questions about their birth families. They often wonder about their genetic background, but can only guess at it. Fortunately, low-cost genetic DNA testing can provide the answers.

Commonly available DNA tests can pinpoint where your genetic ancestors came from, and the results are presented as percentages. For many, the results can be very surprising.

Some have even been reunited with their birth families as a result of genetic DNA testing. Many DNA testing companies can cross-match test results within their databases. This has resulted in adoptees being reunited with members of their birth families. However, while this is often joyful, it can also be traumatic. While most children are given up for adoption from decent families, some are not. If you want to do a DNA test in hopes of finding your birth family, proceed with caution.

A home DNA test can also reveal much more than your ancestor’s nationalities; it can also reveal your genetic health strengths and weaknesses. For example, it could reveal that you have the genetics for celiac disease, otherwise known as gluten intolerance. The symptoms of celiac can easily be stopped with a proper diet. On the other hand, more serious genetic conditions that could be passed down to your children could be revealed.

Home DNA testing can be an affordable and useful tool to discover more about who you are. If you need a tool to know more about your DNA, Genomelink is at the forefront of genetic DNA testing.

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