Adding Security With Home Health Care in Jasper TX

by | Feb 2, 2016 | Home Health Care Service

When an elderly person starts displaying difficulty in performing tasks around the home, their friends and family may start becoming concerned for their safety. Elderly people with mobility issues can easily slip and fall if there are no precautionary steps taken in the home to help keep their footing. Here are some ideas to use around an elderly person’s home, so they are less at risk in becoming injured.

One of the best ways to ensure the person’s safety is by hiring a service that does Home Health Care in Jasper TX. Someone would regularly visit the home during a scheduled session. At this time, the home health care worker would be able to check on the elderly person to make sure they are safe. They will be able to help them with some of the tasks they need to do around the home, as well as help them with their personal hygiene and medical needs.

It is a good idea to add rails throughout the home to help the elderly person with their footing. If they feel they may slip, they can grasp the handrail to keep themselves upright. It is especially important to place these in the bathroom near the toilet and tub.

Lighting should be bright enough throughout the home so the person can see where they are walking. If conditions are dark, they may lose their footing and fall. Night-lights may be helpful in hallways and the bathroom as well.

Move things down to a lower level throughout the home. Instead of having the elderly person reach for things too high, lower cabinets and shelves can be placed so their belongings are easily obtained.
Have the elderly person carry a cell phone throughout the day in case they need help at any time. If someone wishes to have a Home Health Care in Jasper TX come to the home to help the person, they can click here to find out more information. An appointment can be made to discuss the aging person’s specific needs, and a schedule can be set to have a home health care worker come to the home to care for the person.

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