Add More Space With A Custom Designed Garage

by | Nov 15, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

One of the best ways to gain space in any home is to build a custom garage from scratch or to customize your existing garage. A well-designed custom garage in Munster is a practical and cost-efficient way to increase your homes utilization. For many homeowners the garage is nothing short of the “black hole of Calcutta,” but with thought, you can encourage better use of the space.

Custom garage design:

Although the primary purpose of any garage is to park your car, with a little thought the garage can do multiple jobs. Many homeowners have a custom garage in Munster than doubles as a home office, a workshop, or even an art studio. A garage does not have to be an empty space, it can be designed and built with the same comforts that you enjoy in the house; heat, air conditioning, communications, plumbing, etc.

Great ideas for a custom garage:

There is no end of what can be done with a custom garage in Munster, a few great ideas include:

Laundry room:

Having to traipse up and down to the basement to do the laundry, many homeowners solve the problem by dedicating a space in the garage for their washer and dryer. In the event you ever sell your home, giving the new owners a choice where they want to do the laundry adds value to your home.

Mud room:

If you have kids, you have mud. By providing a place where every member of the family can leave their boots and outdoor wear, you save wear and tear on the inside of the home. A sink is a great idea as well.

Home office:

If your job entails working at home then you know how distracting the TV, radio, cleaning, etc can be. With modern insulation, a garage space can be converted into a practical home office.

If you want more out of your garage than just a parking space, when you hire a professional garage builder, you will get the benefit of the companies experience in building garages to customer’s specifications.

A custom garage in Munster is an ideal addition to your home. Professionals can build in space for tools, garden equipment, toys, etc or they can design and build a multi-purpose building. To discuss your thinking you are invited to contact the Indiana Garage Guys.

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