Add Group Life Plans in Macon GA to Benefits Packages

Recruiting and retaining employees, from entry level to executive, can be difficult in some industries. Shortages in the field of nursing, for example, will have hospitals, long-term care facilities, and home care providers seeking ways to attract and keep experienced nurses. Pay rates are significant factors in hiring people who will remain with the company, but other factors are important as well.


A compensation package that includes medical and dental benefits is standard for many industries, but offering additional benefits is a way to retain staff. Some Group Life Plans in Macon, GA can be offered at little to no cost to employees. The premiums are low, which makes them affordable for most companies. Smaller businesses may be able to cover some of the cost and have employees contribute a small amount per paycheck.

Long and short-term disability insurance is another benefit that attracts people to a job. Life insurance and long-term care policies can also help companies hire experienced and dedicated employees. If the business can offer the benefits at no cost, that is an advantage and well worth the costs. Those that cannot cover all the cost can still offer the option to employees.

A contribution toward the coverage is still less expensive than getting personal coverage. Group rates make the premiums affordable. Single policies may be out of financial reach for workers. Offering Group Life Plans in Macon GA can make the difference between high turnover and a consistent workforce.

Agencies that specialize in employee benefits packages, such as Stone Insurance Agency Inc., can customize options and policies to accommodate company budgets. Visit the website for details regarding insurance plan and to set up an appointment.

How Providing Benefits Saves Money

Companies that can control turnover rates in staffing will save a substantial amount of money. Consider all the money and time spent on advertising vacant positions, interviewing candidates, doing background checks. Add in the costs of training and overtime pay to fill vacancies during the hiring process and that total will be much higher than the cost of providing benefits.

It is less expensive to retain employees than it is to hire new ones. Money is also saved by having experienced staff on-site. Manufacturers, for example, will enjoy higher productivity and fewer rejected pieces when staff members know what they are doing.

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