Accused of Shoplifting? You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Hillsboro, MO

Shoplifting penalties vary depending on the value of the goods the person is accused of stealing. However, the penalties do include fines and the possibility of jail time. Anyone who is arrested and accused of shoplifting will need to speak with a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Hillsboro MO right away. The lawyer will look into their case to see what can be done to minimize the impact this case will have.

Look Into Dismissing the Case

If possible, the lawyer will try to have the charges dismissed. This can happen when there isn’t sufficient evidence and the prosecution agrees that it might not be possible to get a conviction. Dismissing the charges saves time and money for everyone in these instances. Even if there seems to be sufficient evidence for a conviction, the lawyer may be able to have some evidence suppressed so it can’t be used in court. If that reduces the evidence significantly, the chances the case will be dismissed increase.

Look Into Reduced Charges

Sometimes, the lawyer will be able to make a deal with the prosecution called a plea deal. A plea deal means the accused will plead guilty but to a lesser charge. If the shoplifting charge was a felony, for instance, the accused might be willing to plead guilty to a misdemeanor. They will still have a criminal record, but it won’t have as big an impact on their future because the charge isn’t as serious.

Look Into Deferred Adjudication

If the accused has never been arrested before, the lawyer may look into deferred adjudication. With this option, the accused does plead guilty. However, if they follow all of the instructions given to them by the judge, the conviction will be removed from their record. Instructions may include paying restitution or completing community service and will need to be done within a certain amount of time. With this option, the individual will have penalties but will avoid a criminal record.

If you’ve been arrested and accused of shoplifting, you need to work with a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Hillsboro MO. Depending on the facts of your case, there is a lot the lawyer can do to help you. Visit the Wegmann Law Firm website now to contact a lawyer and discuss your case.

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