A World without Modern Microwave Electronics

Thanks to microwave electronics many modern devices and conveniences are possible. But what would happen if microwaves were never discovered and the technology did not advance? It could be a dark and bleak world and not much fun. Let’s take a brief glimpse into this world to see what “might have been”.

As James gets up in the morning, he immediately makes the bed and then straightens up the room. No, James isn’t in the army but he does live in a military state. James has no way to heat up his leftovers, but this is just the tip of the iceberg (for the problems he faces today). You see, without knowledge of microwaves, radar was never invented.

In the early years of the Second World War, Britain was in a lot of trouble. In fact, France had already been taken over by Germany and they were knocking on the door of England, situated just across the English Channel. After a disaster in Dunkirk, things were not looking good for the allies. Germany decided to start bombing (as a prelude to an invasion) and the Battle of Britain was underway.

Thankfully, the English had a relatively new invention called radar. This technology depended on high frequency microwave technology. If not for radar, the British may not have been able to detect German bombers and take the necessary actions to win the Battle of Britain.

If England fell, then the rest of the world could very well have been next in a domino effect. After all, there would have been no D-Day invasion, because the Americans and other allied forces would have no place in which to launch the invasion. Germany would have many more troops and resources and could have overwhelmed the Russians. Yes, without microwave electronics, the planet could have been very different.

What are Microwaves?

Microwaves are high frequency radio waves, but they have several advantages over typical radio waves. First, they are of a super high frequency. Microwaves can carry more data than standard radio waves, because they cover much larger bandwidth.

It’s easier to direct and point microwaves in one specific direction. This is due to the fact, they are shorter waves. This makes it possible to use shorter antennas. Broadcasters and receivers can be smaller in size.

Variety of Uses

Besides communications, microwave electronics are used in many applications today. For example, they are commonly seen in microwave ovens, radar technology and applications in the healthcare industry for diagnosing and treating a number of ailments. The future is unlimited for this technology.

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