A Wet Basement In Baltimore Can Be Corrected

No matter how ugly a basement might look, most basement problems can be corrected when the right basement contractor is hired. Some homeowners attempt to fix the basement themselves by putting epoxy in the holes or brushing waterproof paint on the block. This is one of the worst things they can do. Without correcting the reason there’s damage to the basement, placing epoxy in cracks and brushing paint on the walls will only cause further damage to a Wet Basement in Baltimore.

Reasons For Water Problems

There are some simple things a homeowner can check regarding their basement leaking. If the gutters are overflowing or the downspout is not draining at least six to eight feet from the foundation, it can put pressure against the walls and cause them to leak. Improper grading around the home or a recent patio addition with improper grading can easily cause water problems. Windows should have proper protection on the outside to limit water entering a low spot on the outside of the foundation.

If the yard around the home is not properly graded, an experienced company who corrects a Wet Basement in Baltimore can fix the grading problem. After the grade is sloped away from the home, they can fix the leaks in the foundation and seal it from further water damage.

Foundation Crack Repair

When a basement has cracks or leaks around the block, a contractor can v-groove the crack and seal it with hydraulic cement. Once the crack is sealed, a heavy layer of vinyl will be installed to eliminate seepage into the basement area. Any possible leaks will be directed into a pressure relief drain to reduce further damage to the foundation. If the home doesn’t have a pressure relief drain, the contractor can add one.

Foundations that do not have proper removal of the water can benefit from internal French drains. These types of drains will eliminate the need to excavate the yard and provide the same benefit as external drains. All the water will be transported through a series of pipes that lead to a sump pump. The sump pump will push the water out of the basement and away from the home. For more information, please contact Armored Basement Waterproofing.

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