A Variety of Traditions Can Be Honored at a Funeral Home in Orange City, FL

A ceremony that focuses on a person who has recently died provides the family, friends, and acquaintances the chance to say a final goodbye and to share their sorrow. A Funeral Home in Orange City FL can arrange a full funeral with visitation and a religious service or, in contrast, a simpler memorial service without any viewing of the deceased person. Memorial services are increasingly common as traditions slowly change regarding these ceremonies. More infrequently, families decide to have a ceremony that celebrates the person’s life. This is meant to be an uplifting occasion, although achieving this can be somewhat difficult if the ceremony is held soon after the death occurs.

The directors of a Funeral Home in Orange City FL are ready to help families arrange virtually any type of ceremony, whether it has religious aspects or not. Many families want to have a member of the clergy speak even if the deceased person was not particularly religious. However, if that person was an overt atheist, they may respect his or her wishes and ask someone else to offer a eulogy. That could be a relative, close friend, or someone this person mentored.

A full funeral with an organization such as Fourtowns Cremation Inc. usually begins with the visitation during which the deceased person is seen to rest peacefully in the casket. People come to the funeral home to pay their respects and offer sympathy to the family. Depending on the religion and the family’s preferences, the visitation might be held the evening before the funeral or it might take place immediately before the service. After the service, the casket is brought to a cemetery or mausoleum with a hearse. The family and other people who wish to follow do so in a vehicle procession. The clergy member or other speaker gives a brief talk at this location and, perhaps, leads the group in a prayer. A meal traditionally is provided by the family after the service. This gathering might take place in a large room at the funeral home or the family’s church, or a smaller group might be invited to a nearby restaurant.

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