A Truck Accident Lawyer in New London CT Is All Too Familiar With the Consequences of Driver Fatigue

The federal government’s requirement for all semi trucks to have electronic logbooks by December 2017 has been a source of controversy among trucking companies. Owners of some small and mid-size companies worry that the laws will put their organization out of business. Their drivers are accustomed to fudging their paper logbooks and driving more than they are allowed to by law. Although this helps smaller companies compete with big ones, it also is a substantial safety hazard. A Truck Accident Lawyer in New London CT is well-acquainted with the disasters that can happen when fatigued drivers get behind the wheel of heavy trucks, under pressure to pick up and deliver loads in too-short amounts of time.

A Truck Accident Lawyer in New London CT knows that drivers are sometimes overtly or covertly threatened with termination if they don’t perform as expected. These individuals wind up traveling on relatively few hours of sleep, which can cause them to make errors or even fall asleep while driving. Their worries about being late for a delivery or pickup appointment can result in aggressive behavior, speeding, and other unsafe activity. Some drivers resort to taking amphetamines, which keeps them awake, but can interfere with judgment and boost aggression.

Truck drivers actually are only responsible for a low percentage of road accidents. Unfortunately, when they do cause a collision, the effects can be catastrophic. People riding in passenger cars are very vulnerable to life-threatening injuries and physical harm that causes lifelong disabilities or chronic pain. In the worst-case scenario, fatalities occur after a semi truck goes out of control, runs a red light or moves into another lane when a vehicle is already there.

Other people on the road who encounter truck drivers in these circumstances are at risk of becoming accident victims and suffering serious injuries. With many trucks still out of compliance with the regulations, the problem continues to be significant. A person who has been hurt in a collision with a semi truck may want to contact a lawyer such as Stephen M. Reck for a free consultation to learn whether any current settlement offer is reasonable or not. Click Here for more information on this attorney.

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