A Theft Defense Attorney Represents Clients Charged with a Range of Offenses

Theft is a relatively simple legal concept in Texas; essentially, it covers charges of stealing that do not involve additional charges. Shoplifting is theft, for example, as is stealing a purse from a shopping cart. Writing checks on a closed account is another type of theft. A theft defense attorney provides legal representation to people who have been charged with these crimes, which are typically classified as misdemeanors unless the amount stolen equaled $1,500 or more.

The charges are different when other actions are involved. Someone who breaks into a house and steals things, for instance, may be charged both with breaking and entering as well as with burglary. Different categories of robbery also are addressed in the criminal justice system. Robbery generally implies a threat of bodily harm to someone else, even if the robber isn’t carrying a weapon. Armed robbery is a more serious charge. A theft defense attorney represents clients charged with these kinds of crimes too.

It is important for a person charged with theft to have expert legal defense. Even in what would seem a relatively minor offense, such as stealing $50 from an unattended cash register, can result in a six-month jail sentence if a judge feels so inclined. A lawyer such as John L. Corn Attorney at Law may convince a judge to issue the most lenient penalty allowed by law.

In some cases, reducing charges is prohibited by state law, for example, a judge cannot reduce a charge known as a state jail felony to a misdemeanor. However, the court may issue a sentence that is normally issued for a misdemeanor instead of a more standard felony sentence. If someone has never been in legal trouble in the past and all signs point to this person having an excellent character, the judge may decide on leniency. An attorney can be integral in this process, since providing evidence of the client’s excellent character will need to be done. Although a judge cannot, the prosecution can indeed reduce a state jail felony charge to a misdemeanor. Again, a defense lawyer is important for convincing the prosecuting attorney to do so. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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