A Senior Placement Specialist in Surprise, AZ Helps Families Make Decisions

Trying to figure out the best new home for an elderly person with Alzheimer’s disease can feel overwhelming. The family isn’t sure how to make the right choice, especially if they aren’t already familiar with some of the communities in the area. Is a nursing home better, or a memory care wing in assisted living? A senior placement specialist in Surprise, AZ helps immediate relatives navigate through the process and make the right decision.


A family is likely to have certain priorities in mind that they know will keep their loved one happier in a new environment. Mentally stimulating activity is an example. Having easy opportunities for making new friends and socializing is another. If the person is particular about food, a professional senior placement specialist in Surprise, AZ helps with choosing a community that can provide customized meals and a variety of menu options.

Cognitive Stimulation

Playing cards and board games are often appropriate activities for an Alzheimer’s patient’s cognitive ability. The family may be looking for a place where residents are encouraged to be creative with crayons and markers or to work on creating scrapbooks from magazines. A community where many residents spend most of the time passively watching TV shows could be crossed off the list.


Adequate socialization is essential for the well-being of elderly men and women, including those with dementia. At home, these individuals may become isolated. They’re embarrassed about not remembering people. Pretending their memory still functions properly becomes tiring. In a compassionate, caring residential community, they can spend enjoyable time with new friends.

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