A Parent is Moving in with You – Here are Some Helpful Tips

If one of your parents lives by his or herself, it may be time to think about some kind of assistance. For many older Americans, there is no reason to consider nursing care facilities and your parent might not want to go to an assisted living apartment complex. Today, many parents are moving in with their adult children to make it easier on everyone financially. In fact, a grandparent can give kids time which parents simply do not have. Before you check out Chattanooga moving companies, here are some helpful tips to make the move a little easier.


Chances are, you’ll have many extra things like appliances and furniture. However, your senior family member may not be ready to sell off everything. After all, this is a major life change and it may be best to contact Chattanooga moving companies about professional storage services. This will give your mom or dad time to adjust and decide what stays and what goes.


Everyone can help with the packing process. However, it can be huge task if you are not up to it and Chattanooga moving companies offer professional packing services. They have years of experience with packing and your movers make sure everything is carefully secured and marked. This is the best way to get belongings to their destination in one piece.

Part of the Process

If your parent is moving in with you, he or she may need a lot of assistance with the relocation. However, don’t exclude him or her from the process. They need to feel like they are part of the family and making a contribution to moving and relocating. After all, someone very important in your life is giving up some independence and this is not easy. They will need all the emotional support you can provide.

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