A Non-invasive Method of Dealing with Whiplash in St. Louis, Missouri

There are many types of serious injuries that can occur from vehicle accidents. One of the most common injuries in auto accidents where somebody is hit from behind is whiplash. In order to deal with injuries stemming from Whiplash in St Louis, many people choose to visit a chiropractor.

Ruling Out Physical Spinal Damage

It is important to remember that whiplash can be an indication of significant spinal injury. In certain situations, this injury could require surgery. Fortunately, when a person visits a chiropractor, the proper type of imaging will be used to carefully survey the area of the spine where whiplash has occurred.

This imaging will determine if there is any physical damage that may need to be attended to by a medical physician. In the event there is no physical injury, then a chiropractor can use several methods for treating whiplash.

Spinal Manipulation

The most common treatment that a chiropractor will use is what is called spinal manipulation. This is a non-invasive treatment that uses slow, gentle movements to the neck and upper back area. This treatment helps realign muscles that have been knocked about due to the forceful movement of the head jerking backward and forwards after a person’s car has been impacted from behind.

Muscle Relaxation Movements

In other situations, multiple types of treatment can be used, such as muscle relaxation. Outside of spinal manipulation, chiropractors will often instruct their patients to use specific stretches to help relax the muscles that are tense or inflamed.

Many times, people are almost completely immobilized because of the severe pain they’re feeling from their back and neck as a result of whiplash. This treatment can reduce the amount of pain a person is dealing with and it can promote quicker healing.

If you’re dealing with Whiplash in St Louis stemming from an automotive accident, but there is no physical damage to your spinal cord, there may be a better way than simple rest or taking controversial and sometimes highly addictive pain medication. The chiropractic services found with a website like Website Domain may be precisely what you need to quickly recover from the pain caused by whiplash.

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