A New Commercial Storefront Window in Santa Clarita, CA is a Customer Magnet

When it comes to retail, Santa Clarita is a haven for those who love to shop. The city has received much economic recognition, including being named the top business-friendly city in the Los Angeles region. With a retail market that exceeds $2 billion, Santa Clarita’s sales rank higher than the cities of Burbank, Pasadena and the upscale Beverly Hills. Business owners competing in this strong, prosperous economy need an attractive physical presence with plenty of curb appeal. Installing a new Storefront Window in Santa Clarita CA is a savvy way to gain attention and increase foot traffic to a business.

Themed Boutique Windows Are a Hit with Shoppers

Companies located in Santa Clarita’s bustling downtown commercial corridor have many potential ways to increase their sales. A large picture window is ideal for displaying eye-catching merchandise. To stand out from the crowd, a business needs a display that is unique or unusual. Keeping a window well maintained is also essential for success. Shoppers may ignore a storefront that has dirty or damaged glass. An exterior storefront that is in excellent shape creates a warm welcome for customers.

Theme displays can focus on a particular type of product, activity or upcoming holiday. Retails managers may wish to add additional props to their displays, including mannequins and backdrops. Whatever methods are chosen, highlighting the product or service offered is crucial to increase sales.

Showoff a Commercial Window with Proper Lighting

With a whopping average of 280 sunny days per year, Santa Clarita has an abundance of natural lighting. Good lighting is imperative when using a storefront to showcase items. While effective lighting typically isn’t a problem during the day, a business needs proper artificial lighting during the evening. The type of lighting chosen will vary depending on how it is used. For basic linear lighting, florescent bulbs are a popular option. Trendy LED lights are a smart choice for storefronts with accent lights.

Old Town Newhall Shopping District

Businesses situated on Main Street in Old Town Newhall are surrounded by charming boutiques, entertainment venues and cafes with sidewalk dining. An attractive Storefront Window in Santa Clarita CA is a must for companies operating within this prime spot. A new window is ideal for complementing an older historic-style structure or adding a sleek, well-polished look to a modern property.

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