A Family Attorney in Suffolk County, NY Discusses Child Custody

Anywhere one looks, there is bound to be a family having issues. The family structure is not perfect, no matter how “perfect” it seemed at the beginning of the marriage. Sometimes, the issues in the family become so great that a professional third party has to intervene to remedy the situation. If the husband and wife are seeking a divorce, and it is contested by one of the parties, the situation becomes more complex. Each state has its own rules regarding family law. A family attorney in Suffolk County NY wants potential clients to understand what they are up against.

Many factors come into play when it concerns family law in a divorce. One of the common misunderstandings or grievances that are addressed is child custody, especially if there is more than one child. The state of New York complies with the general child custody act that most states use: the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act. New York subscribes to the concept of child custody being decided in whatever is the best interests of the child.

When the courts look at deciding what is in the best interests of the child or children, they consider the parents’ abilities to take care of the child, their work schedules, and whether or not there is a history of domestic violence. They also look at the mental and emotional well-being of each parent and consider the child’s desires as well. In New York, grandparents actually have the right to petition for visitation rights. Even siblings and others who are not the parents can petition for rights to visitation.

As one can see, family law can be quite complex in New York. Patricia Issberner is a family attorney in Suffolk County NY who is dedicated to helping her clients resolve family law issues. Other specific areas of practice, in addition to family law, are divorce law and matrimonial law. Everything from child custody and support to visitation rights and child protective services issues is handled by her law firm. More information to help interested clients can be found by visiting the website, . Then, follow the directions that say to “Click here.”

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