A DUI Defense Lawyer in Mesa, AZ Needs to Know Even the Smallest Details of the Case

Being convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol in Arizona can have serious consequences. It can result in a jail sentence, a hefty monetary fine, and driver’s license suspension. The situation becomes worse when the person has already been convicted of DUI within the previous 10 years or caused an accident because of driving while intoxicated. Some individuals lose their jobs or custody of children because of these circumstances. Automotive insurance rates skyrocket; some vehicle owners cannot even afford insurance after a DUI conviction. A DUI defense lawyer in Mesa, AZ provides aggressive legal representation for clients charged with this offense.

Attorneys representing clients in these cases look for any possible reason that the charges should be dropped or the case dismissed. There may be evidence that law enforcement officials did not act appropriately, for instance. They may have had no reason to pull the driver over, but having a reason is required by law. Police can stop drivers they suspect of intoxication if those drivers behave erratically, commit a traffic offense or are driving a vehicle with a safety malfunction, such as a burned-out signal light. They cannot stop a driver just because they know this person has been drinking in a bar.

A DUI defense lawyer in Mesa, AZ will want to know all the details of what happened. It’s a good idea for the client to write down as many details as can be remembered and provide this information at the initial consultation. Some of these details may feel too personal to divulge, but the smallest bit of information can help. For instance, breath analysis equipment only provides an estimate of the blood alcohol level. The breath analysis reading is likely to be higher for someone with even a slightly elevated temperature. A woman dealing with menopausal hot flashes also may have a fluctuating body temperature to a certain extent. The subsequent blood test may show a significantly lower reading, even accounting for the time delay. An attorney with an organization like The law firm of Janet R. Feeley, L.L.C. can evaluate these details and determine their usefulness. Visit  to learn more.

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